Snakes in Hawaii

Traditionally, and just like Ireland, Hawaii has no snakes.

In reality, occasionally someone finds a snakeskin on a golf course (snakes shed their skins periodically). There is also talk about the brown tree snake, which, when it was accidentally imported to Guam, decimated the native bird population.

Clearly some people think they can't live without snakes, and they either enjoy the idea, or are sufficiently in denial, that they bring snakes in.

While I like snakes, I also like snake-free places. I do not think it is a good idea to bring snakes into Hawaii. This is a big planet, but only has very few warm places that are snake-free. If you live in Hawaii and you really need to keep snakes, maybe you can move to beautiful Arizona or wonderful Costa Rica, both of which have plenty of snakes. But please don't bring snakes to Hawaii!

A much longer speech would be needed to get the Hawaii state government to put more effective controls at airports and ports. I hope they do it before any more invasive species invade.