Baobab at Keeaumoku street, between King and Young

This baobab is in a little park adjacent to Keeaumoku street, between King street and Young street. This tree is neither particularly small nor particularly large, but is hard to spot because it is next to two huge trees -- an earpod and a Kapok.
this baobab is harder to spot -- third from left, after an earpod and a kapok
spot the baobab

Can you spot the baobab? It is the third tree from the left in the above picture.

Here is this "tiny" baobab as it looks if you try to take pictures without including the larger trees. Notice the board of water supply building behind it -- this baobab is "only" four stories tall.

the baobab, from Keeaumoku street
from Keeaumoku
the baobab, from Young street
from Young
the baobab, closer in
closer in

In context, the baobab (left) next to the kapok (right) does look tiny: the baobab looks small next to the kapok

The kapok and the earpod are two large, very well matched trees.

the kapok
the kapok
the kapok (left) and earpod (right)
the kapok (left) and earpod (right)
the earpod
the earpod

Prior to the widespread use of synthetics, kapok fiber was used to fill floats, e.g. for lifejackets.

I find it interesting that the earpod is listed as being from tropical America, the kapok from tropical America and Africa, and the baobab from Africa. The kapok and the baobab are in the same family, the bombacaceae.

For those who are into geocaching, this baobab is near N21 17.939', W157 50.384'. From there, you should have no trouble locating the kapok and the earpod.

2014 notice: the Earpod has disappeared, no doubt kidnapped by chainsaw-wielding aliens. The kapok is still there, a little asymmetrical, but apparently happy.