My boat's name is "Mele Malia" (which means "Mary's Song"). She is 37 feet (11m) long on deck, and 47 feet (14m) long overall, a cutter-rigged ketch custom-built in Kaneohe by Jim Graves. The keel was laid in 1961, she was launched in 1977, and she got mast and sails in 1979.

I'm looking into the possibility of making this an electric boat.

Pictures of Mele Malia

From the haulout in July 1998: Other pictures:

Technical notes

The first 5 sets of pictures were taken in July 1998, scanned by Kodak and have been converted from pcd to ppm using hpcdtoppm (arguments: -x -ppm -4 source.pcd dest.ppm), and from ppm to gif using xv. Many have been cropped, scaled, or both.

The next 4 sets of pictures were taken in April 1999, scanned by Kodak (very poorly, there is a the horizontal pink line in some of them and the colors don't match the prints, but it's cheaper than a photo CD) and returned in jpg format, just as they appear. These have been neither cropped nor scaled.

The 2003+ pictures were taken with a Sony digital camera.