Na Pali Pictures

Hanalei Bay, Western side.

Hanalei Bay, Eastern side. The town at the end of the cape is Princeville.

Me, on the road to Hanakapi'ai beach.

Hanakapi'ai beach from above. Compare it also to the same beach 5 days later, after pounding from large waves.

Looking back along the coast.

Looking down from about 600 feet up.

Rock Climber's paradise, except the rock is crumbly.

Waterfall, Ho'olulu valley.

Hanakoa valley. The valley floor "hangs" above the ocean.

A drier part of the trail, with much erosion
(and tiny people on the trail).

Kalalau beach is only 2 miles away, and in sight!

At sunrise. Kalalau valley is to the left, Kalalau beach to the right.

Kalalau Valley.

Kalalau stream.

The road back goes over "Red Hill".
Tiny people are coming down the hill.

Walls of a Heiau (Hawaiian temple), at the mouth of Kalalau valley

The sun is up, but barely makes it over the steep cliffs.

Kalalau beach, end of the road. There is no trail west of here. The waterfall (lower left) is the campground's shower and water supply.

Sunny Kalalau.

Ready to surf?

No lifeguard on duty.
The sign reads:

Fully equipped kitchen.

Spacious, quiet sleeping quarters.

Holes in the rock, with a big wave behind it.

A Campground with a View.

What's left of Hanakapi'ai beach 5 days later.

Hanakapi'ai valley.