Medium Sized Images


arriving by air
Mount Wai'ale'ale, surprisingly without clouds
the mountains are unusually clear
didn't last long
from the bus
almost there

Na Pali coast, Ke'e to Hanakapi'ai, December 30, 2005

jungle, ocean
steep terrain
the trail goes on...
many little valleys
I am glad it is not raining
looking back at Ke'e beach
Ke'e beach and waves
looking forward at the Napali coast
sunny and shady
the trail goes on...
many steep little valleys
the Napali coast
steep scenery
mountains and jungle
the ocean is not far, but hard to get to
one of many hala
the trail goes on... past ti plants
even a relatively light pack can get heavy
a clearer view
looking down
looking back
mountains above mountains
the trail goes on...
sometimes smooth
sometimes over streams
that disappear into the jungle
many streams!
can almost see Hanakapi'ai valley to the left


last look at the Napali coast
look down at the little bay
nice waves
please don't sue us
the waves keep coming
Hanakapi'ai valley
Hanakapi'ai upstream
Hanakapi'ai downstream
in summer there is a little beach here
now it is all rocks
some sand in the waves themselves
in the shade of a Hala treee...
the trail climbs out of Hanakapi'ai valley
goodbye bay
goodbye stony beach
goodbye valley

Hanakapi'ai to Hanakoa

not flatland
looking back
after Hanakapi'ai, the trail is narrower and more overgrown
a steep little valley, with rocks and kukui trees
an ocean in the distance
an ocean far below
same rocks
different rocks
Ke'e beach barely visible at the very end
the way forwards
the trail goes on...
between a rock and a hard place
the mountains are steep
and steep
and pointy
and steep and pointy
and steep
Napali means cliffs
in both directions
looking back at the trail (between the rock and the hard place)
looking back at the coast, again Ke'e beach at the far end
going forward into the sunset
even if you could get down to it, you could not swim
the spray comes quite high
another valley
looking back
looking up
nice tidepool
looking up
looking forward
looking back
looking down
mountains above steep mountains above steep cliffs
hanakoa valley in the sunset
hanakoa valley in the sunset
mistery plantings
who put these here?
SW of Hanakoa
S of Hanakoa
SE of Hanakoa
that's who spread the sprouts!
mango and ti
the sun sets early in the mountains

Hanakoa to Kalalau, December 31, 2005

Hanakoa stream
has two branches
running down to the ocean
clear morning
up to the mountains
and down
erosion ahead -- near as the crow flies (but I don't fly like a crow!)
mountains above mountains above cliffs
lots of agave, steep mountains
above steep cliffs
and steeper cliffs to the ocean
agave and ocean
lookout point
looking back
looking down at Hanakoa bay
looking down at the next little bay
the trail must be down below
yes, we have come down
faraway waves
and it is a good thing!
looking W
looking SW
looking S
somebody once did try to strengthen the trail
the goats ate it all!
but it makes for nice colors
in a tiny little valley it is nice to see
a bunch of bananas on a banana tree!
sculpted by goats
mountains above mountains
does it look like we are making progress?
we can no longer see Ke'e beach!
looking down
emergency helipad
old terraces
a narrow valley
and its stream plunging into the surf (which is far below)
looking up
the next little stream
in its little valley
the trail goes on...
and on...
looking back almost looks flat
until you look more closely
and forward is not
ocean view
more ocean view
a small double waterfall deep in a forest
the left fall is also double
looking back and down
looking back and straight
are we there yet?
I think the red cliff marks the entrance to Kalalau
still mountains...
and more mountains...
all the way down to the ocean
looking back at the trail
and looking forward at the trail
and a few mountains...
and waves...
and more waves, and a flat part of the trail
red dirt and blue ocean
there may be a valley opening up soon!
under those mountains
beyond those trees
yes! it's Kalalau

Kalalau, December 30 2005 to January 3, 2006

This is sacred land. Give it your utmost care, respect, and leave knowing you have preserved it for future generations
the back of the valley
Red Hill, the way into the valley
the rest of the coast
the mountains looking back
the back of the valley
the far side of the valley
Kalalau cathedral
Kalalau cathedral down to the beach (which can't be seen in this picture)
flat grassy land below red hill
looking across
looking down the trail
looking down to the right of the trail
did somebody move those rocks?
a photographer
and his waves
make good contrast
Kalalau cathedral
the back of the valley
looking back (a little slanted)
looking up at red hill
please don't sue us
the trail goes on...
did somebody move those rocks?
Kalalau stream, looking up
Kalalau stream, looking down
aloha, and a few rules
where the stream meets the ocean
bananas everywhere!
first the heiau
the heiau overlooks the ocean
almost there
the trail goes on... first view of the beach
nice waves
Kalalau cathedral, from below
welcome to Kalalau shower
and more banana trees
in the shadow of the cliffs
a bird and an ultralight
shorebird and sunset
moves quickly
the sun is setting
the beach
the beach
can you spot the hole in the mountains?
my campground
the beach from a hill behind it
thin mountains
Kalalau cathedral
my campground, revisited
it's so nice to put down that backpack!

Hanakoa, January 3, 2006

Hanakoa valley panorama: 1

along the beach from Ke'e towards Hanalei, January 4, 2006

Ke'e beach
Ke'e beach
Ke'e beach
looking back at the napali coast
still waves
more waves
nice beach
closer look
and back
a new bay
lots of spray
looking back
Ha'ena dry cave
Ha'ena dry cave
county park across from the cave
the beach goes on
the self-timer takes slanted pictures :-)
that's better!
aggressive plants
looking back
more aggressive plants
little bay
looking at princeville