I choose to stop beating myself up
to stop picking at my faults
    real or imagined
to stop worrying about the future.

I choose to love myself as I am
to accept and seek out my own wonderful company
    my sense of humor
to trust that the future holds wonderful things.

I choose to feel a full range of emotions
love, hate, fear, strength, courage, lust, joy, fun, laughter
    and to express them sanely
I choose to take care of myself.

I choose to feel safe in the Universe
I look forward to meeting my next friend
    and to sharing my life with old friends
I choose to be happy today.

I choose to be silly today, to laugh and to cry
to be alive, to make choices as I must
    and the occasional mistake I can learn from
I accept joy, abundance, friendship, beauty in my life.

Honolulu, March 5th, 1998.