Lost Dream

Every little dream
of glory and happiness
every little dream
of having things my way

Every little dream
when lost, hurts
Every little dream
longing and loss

Pain in my heart
from the world
not behaving
as I would have it

Tension in my jaw
from trying to hold in
the pain
of the loss

Music in my ears
does not soothe
the savage soul
in my heart

that I am not alone
helps and hurts
it is a different experience

The magic
keeps going away
no matter how much I relight it
the fire is gone

The pain
the pain
the pain
the pain I hide in my heart

A sense of humor
a supporting community
death of the spirit

love I hide in my heart

innocent soul
in guilty body
amazing sweetness
in bitter words

breath is the gift
of a loving universe
my lungs the engine
that lets me live

tension in my belly
alive with dread
fear of the unknown
and of the stale

I never know
I often guess
I usually get it
I sometimes don't

Mystery of words
in a crime of passion
I am like you
in every way

Loss from my heart
sadness in my eyes
a stranger looks back
from every mirror

Weakness in my back
cold feet, weak knees
fear by any other name
is lack of strength.

Good at running
getting places
arriving, departing
never staying

hating my body
proud of my body
uncertain and insecure
of my body

strange love
pervades my actions
come closer
so I may push you away

is truth the same as Truth?
the bible lies
the devil lives in the heart
of christians

hell on earth
in the midst of plenty
self torture rules
I teach it


the four brothers
of the apocalypse
for a lifetime

the end of the world
cannot come