A gorgeous mess

Life is such a gorgeous mess
bacteria and viruses all trying to get in
some good, some bad, some we don't know
food rots and turns into more food

sunshine burns and dries
and the water comes down again
unplanned, the sun comes up every day
I have anger, lust, craving, fear, joy

everything is trying to win all the time
sometimes by giving rather than by taking
the sloth carries the mold around
does the mold do anything for the sloth?

what nourishes me may be poisonous to someone else
the air I breathe is the plant's exhaust
the coral joyfully builds on sinking islands
the result is a circle in hues of green and blue

cockroaches in my kitchen
termites in my boat
I try my best to get rid of them
wouldn't it be awsome if we found life on Mars?

flowers turn to dirt
and the dirt turns into flowers
dust to dust, ashes to ashes
but the intermediate stages matter