Love from afar

It is so much easier
to love you from afar

and if you think it's you
I'm talking about
yes, it's you and you and you
all of you, but not you
how can it be just one?

it is so much easier
to focus on my cherished memories
to remember what was good
than to actually talk to you
and see

your neediness
so much like mine
my need to surrender
to give you control
to let you run my life

it is so much easier
I get my freedom
and the sweet memories
it's lonely too
but it's worth it.

love from afar
where you are beautiful
and sweet to me
and no issues
cloud the air

where I can have all of you
with no conflict
whether real or imagined
where I can be myself
without fear.

I love you, I want you
but never enough
to actually talk to you
it's easier to be alone
than with wonderful you

I do love you, only
so much better
when I don't have to
be with you
when I see the imperfections

it's not about you
and you, and you, and you
it's about me
I think you know that
except in your gut

it still hurts
but it also feels good
and the hurt will pass
but wondering why I do this
might not