To love I must
  not seek to please myself
But then if I lose myself
  I will get angry
And anger
  is certainly not love

So I must take care
  of myself first
Which doesn't sound
  like love at all
But loving myself must, will
  free me to love others

And jupiter chases venus
  and mars chases jupiter
And the moon goes the other way
  back towards mars
Ares, selene, zeus, aphrodite
  and around and around they go

If love is a sickness,
  where does health lie?
an obsession unhealthy
  then not obsessing is healthy
a failure of thought
  maybe not thinking is healthy?

I cannot think any better
  than I can think
I cannot trust any more
  than I can trust
But I can choose to be more grateful
  than would come naturally

I switch quickly from one
  emotional track to another
What is normal to me
  might be tiring to another
All I want to know is
  do I have a center?

And if so, where?
  and does it hurt when I get there?