The best relationships
are friendships
where neither needs
anything from the other
where each can give
from the heart

bananas and mangoes are friends
one is bland and sweet
the other spicy and sweet
both taste really good when ripe
and OK unripe
selfless love does not exist
but is good to shoot for anyway.

Like apples and cherries
dancing my way to freedom
or to something else
all dancing invokes the gods
and all we ever do is dance
alone, in couples, in groups

how can I go wrong?
copacetic is the word
beautiful to human eyes
which the spirit sees through
truths long forgotten
are returning to awareness

Yes, I am trying to seduce you
so I may love me in you
never works, but I never give up
and anyway I cannot stop
love flows like a strong deep current
dark and cold in the bright sunshine

makes me want to cry
with joy
and happiness
and gratitude
at the beauty of it all
it hurts so much!

I love the words
which mean so little
they become magic vessels
filled to the brim
however often drawn from
and silence above all

guilty dreams
fear of hurting
no matter the choice
yet so sweet
I recoil in fear

The sacred bond
of one tree with another
memories go back
of a woods on a hill
life continues
in spite of my best efforts

sliding down the water park
wet and happy and carefree
the invisible power
of gravity
pulls me down
and buoys me up

I do surrender
this instant of awareness
a spark that lives forever
here and now
there is no doubt
there is no fear

the sharks love me too
they just don't know
how to let go
but a ripe mango really is
edible poetry
a little bit goes a long way

like a really good tomato
juicy in the dry heat
with some cool greens
lettuce or basil
cannot go back and change the past
but it's never too late to have a happy childhood

clear water
is not just a place in Florida
is the best of drinks
now if I could only
pay attention
while drinking, and the rest

the beauty of the words
lies not with the writer
but with the reader
thank you for helping me
reveal the beauty
you already have