A castle in the air
devoted to studying
the sky, the moon
the stars, the planets

A hole in the water
for plumbing the depths
of inner turmoil
of electronics

Nobody knows the future
and now perhaps
nobody cares
does worry ever help?

Magic happens every day
and my job today
is to be alert to it
and see it happen

A touch of grace
a ton of thought
I know which works best
even my thinking knows

water from heaven
the peace of not thinking
does not last long
yet it lasts forever

all that I hate and fear
works to create
all that I want and love
without me working

insubstantial as a rainbow
free as the wind
what do I matter anyway
when I truly let go

pain passes
sorrow slides away in tears
courage lies well hidden
I will not live forever

and what I can and do
is be alive while I live
I can't do otherwise
nor can I avoid being

smooth as silk
fresh as a rose
the waters of peace
are worth the turmoil