Why is it
When I'm so happy to see you
Then after a few weeks
I lose interest?

Why do I ask why
as if
I wanted to change myself
or you

Maybe that's why
I play my games
come here when I'm alone
go away when I've had enough

Is it an eclipse if I can't see it?
I so much love and dread
being alone
being with you

I fear I'm hard on you
why do you keep coming back?
I love that you do
and I don't know what to do with it.

But in general I fear
and fear doesn't run my life
except it does
fear and fantasy

You're not here
but in my mind you are
and I'm neither here nor there
who am I?

Does poetry                 How do I know
really                      it's not just
heal                        a beautiful
the soul?                   lie?

my goddess
loves my poetry
a mother is proud
of her child's art