Same dance, again

We have done this before
You want me to do something
I resist
You wonder why
Why I am not as in your fantasy
loving what you love
perhaps loving you better
I like to please you
to take care of you
up to a point
but I don't like having to
I don't like to feel
you depend on me
and then I obsess
if I had agreed to what you liked
and gone through with it
and in my fantasy
I would still resist
and you would still want
more than I had to give
And you asked me for a story
but why?
and I gave you a story
this is what I understand
but I knew it was just a story
I don't know
I don't understand
why I'm not as you wish me to be
but I know that I'm not
so clear to me
and sometimes
so painful
so hard for you to see
or maybe clear to you too
but hard to accept
and why do I
obsess so much?
I could come up with a story
to answer that
but there would be no point
and so I obsess
until I don't.
and that's all there is to it.