L'ombra della terra / / The shadow of Earth

On a bright dark night
quiet with the usual sounds
the moon on her path
temporarily lost the sun

First like a cloud on its side
then an oddly shaped crescent
I have seen you so, before
so many years ago

Another place, so far away
another time, this life or another
I knew less then than I know now
I was surprised then, excited now

Sweet your slow motion
like that of the clock
my drooping eyelids
can't keep me from staring

so many wild dreams
and this inner peace
from the least and the last
of my wild dreams

at home near my bed
my neighbors asleep
only you in the sky
traversing my planet's shadow

I'll never be where you are
if I know the future
I'm not alone on this planet
glancing at you

As the shadow so slowly
a kilometer a second
moves across your face
I've stopped wondering
how long I'll stay awake

I can almost imagine
I'm starting to see
the red moon

Warm inside, cool outside
binoculars, bare eyes
pen and paper

A sudden sneeze

The light grows thinner
almost leaving
the storm-tossed ocean

What a blessing
So few clouds
Honolulu light trades

Reality is stranger than fiction
but only when I look closely

Down to the last sliver
and a beautiful, brooding red moon

Tanto brillante
l'ultimo spicchietto
quanto cupo e rosso
il globo lunare

A occhio nudo resta in ciel
uno strano pianeta
mai visto prima, neanche
tanti anni fa

One side still brighter
but no longer a clear shadow
a most predictable event

e poi a nanna