From nothing I came
and it took longe enough
nine months in my mother's body

to nothing I shall return
and it's taking long enough
ninety years maybe
forty plus for sure
in my own body

and in nothing do I live?
and what a riotous nothing!
blu sky, green jungle
that undefinable color of the ocean
turning the color of wine
in the red sunset

just being seems so hard
when one is made of nothing
insubstantial thought
changing body
a soul with new feelings every moment

and as I eat and do
which anchor me here
and as I live in the now
that nothing that is
between future and past

being as happy with nothing
as with everything
knowning the little voice inside
whom I try to take care of

being left with nothing
but me
that is, nothing

a comfortable sleep
where even I
am no more