no tears

I'm gone
or you're gone
and I am sorry you're gone
but I don't seem to cry

repeated again and again
and I never seem to

I'm sorry you're gone
we had some good times
and some bad times
and much no time

and you leave behind
so much
that should be cared for
death is so final

it is nice
that you went
without pain or shame

and that you're unlikely
to hurt anyone
any more
I still can

because I still live
whether or not
that is best
I still live

seem to be

and a heartbeat
but a heart and a soul
seem to be

thank you for joining me
on many trips
on this trip for a while
the good, the bad, and the rest

thank you for all you did and were
for looking up to me
for enjoying my company
for my respecting you