Dance machine

The joyful sacred duty of lust
il dovere di amare
   di possedere
   di essere

It is nice to take a break sometimes

Life is never as I expect
my body moves better
without thinking
and I let go
again and again
while being me

all I need to remember is
where are my feet?
here and now
the longest moment
lasting into forever

what good is a dance machine
that is dancing alone?
Like a fish out of water
the ocean is deep
I move with the tides
happiness is just a breath away

Nothing so sweet as to be in love with myself
and to allow the love
   of those who love me
to bounce back onto them

isn't it dangerous to be happy and safer to be sad?

help me love as if I would die tomorrow
help me live as if I could love forever

goodbye pink
time for lavender