Down, down, down

a spiral
that keeps getting tighter and faster
as it keeps going nowhere

a few square miles
on foot is a huge space
my whole life today


why not go down
find the peace
of just being

I have no time today!

only the usual 24 hours
filled with
72 hours' worth of stuff to do

no wonder I miss so much
and what I get done
feels like so little

so glad to be here
enjoying this life
so many choices I make
only sometimes consciously

Fast life, slow life
yet life it is

Since I only have one chance at it
every decision is final
unless I change my mind

and my mind keeps changing
what matters today may not matter tomorrow
except sometimes, what I learn stays

and my body is just the vehicle
for this unplannable trip
from birth to death

when the vehicle works, it's wonderful!
but the breakdowns
are just as much part of the trip and the adventure