being there

the feel of the smooth paper under my hand
the sound of my slippers as I walk
the color of the sky, changing from horizon to horizon
all the smells

remembering that thinking doesn't have to take over my life
the hunger as I wait for breakfast
the gratitude for a simple task completed
the willingness to do more

knowing I am the one to take care of myself
the feelings I have for so many other people
healing my pain by seeing how I have hurt others
and doing what I can about it

the love that I feel for so much of creation
for sunsets and pretty women, for trees, plants and reef fish
for the people I know, that I enjoy being with
and sharing the planet with them

feeling my body and knowing how magic it is
all the parts work together for health, with love and respect
how wonderful it is when I listen and care for
this one precious body in this one precious life

but everything keeps changing, even all this
the peace comes and goes, and that is OK
what doesn't change, is
what doesn't change?