So good at running
from responsibility
so much loving
being able to ask
and get when I ask
needing to let go
and being turned on by my thoughts
and not believing them
allowing myself freedom to love
as long as I keep loving my freedom
remembering that
thinking is not reality
learning to give and
allow myself to take
consent is the key
if you let me do what I want
how can I be hurting you?
you may be getting some benefit
that I don't need to know about
and it is your decision after all
whether to put up with my ego
and feed it, and care for it
for whatever satisfaction you may derive.
Yet so filled with doubts I remain
I need to act decisively
to remind myself
the only power I have
is over my own choices
and it's OK for me to ask
for what I want
even when it is uncomfortable
as change usually is
but change is often good
especially when I choose it
even if I don't choose what happens
I choose what I will work towards
maybe new towels
maybe what I've always wanted
and never dared to really want
and fully charged batteries, too
inner batteries, and real batteries as well
and of course, trimming my toenails.