The one in a million
the hundred in a million
the thousand in a million
who is my friend
and I run into her
after a long walk
filled with peace
and appreciation of beauty
and self-love
and did I mention peace?
am I really meant
to accomplish?
life is so much easier
meditating on the beauty of the soul
accepting all that is there
loving as much as I can
and whoever
the invisible force leads me to
wasting my day
reclaiming my life
knowing it's OK to do
or not
or not knowing
how to meditate
but still in love
with the fantasy
of someone
I won't push away
but will allow
into my hurting heart
and she won't hurt me
what a fantasy!
She will hurt me
and as I get stronger
I can open my hurting heart
and let the love flow out
to love my life
and all who are in it
and you reading this
and all the ones who never will
don't lock up the heart!
burst it open
until all can fit
each one different
each in her or his way
each uniquely sweet and sour
and the pain
and the joy together
forming the sweetest cake
and I'm the frosting
so much room
in that golden light
for all the healed pieces
and all the healed people
and the ones that need healing
and all my sickness and health
all my thoughts
all my ever-changing habits
all that is behind
and ahead
in this precious moment
with the soundtrack
of a dramatic movie
but really
just art, and love, and life
and just one tear