Speaking to Myself

Speaking to myself
learning to practice love
for the little child inside
for those I actually like
honoring and respecting even my dysfunctional self
however brief those moments
seeking peace, and seeing that I don't choose peace
knowing creativity is the key
love can fill the vacuum
yes and no are both important
even when my inner baby throws a tantrum
is it about you and me, or just about me?
love always seems to be the answer
honest love that respects me
listening to myself
is worth practicing every day
looking at how far I've come
the rewards are great if my expectations are low
I have learned so much already
but I keep working at it
does it do me any good
to seduce all the women
I don't want?
I am so attracted to
what is missing from my life
I would love to love
stuck with my sick inner child
I will love myself first
nurse myself back to health
succeed and let go
knowing I may not be the cause
and enjoy the abundance
of peace
the universe provides
the truth is hidden
until love conquers all