Rachel and Ruth

Rachel and Ruth
not their names
not their personalities
but the names that come up for me
and I wonder why that is
and I don't worry about it
as long as I can remember
to call them by their real names
in real life!
starting today
I am healthy!
Amazing the choices
I didn't know I had
the hieroglyphs in my mind
the petroglyphs in the stone
the wind on the barren plain
and how different the world is
when I've just woken up
Molokai the distant dream
will it turn into Molokai?
white Lono
god of prosperity
honoring your legacy
by being human
and loving
that Spirit
that makes plants grow
water, and dirt, and sunshine
and the thinnest of air
until I, clumsily
try to kill them
in the name of love
and I get love back
with cinnamon fragrance!