insubstantial and unreal
words on paper
words spoken
powerful as thoughts
filling the future
and for those of us who are lucky
changing the present
creating in the life
knowing tomorrow won't be the same
trusting just enough to let go
ash clouds are temporary
memories are forever
choosing which ones to relive
a measure of individual wisdom
choices are made
so happily privileged
most people don't even know
how happy they are
they fill their closets with dreams
eat dreams for breakfast
don't know where to look
to see the joy and peace
that live on the inside
a free spirit
accepting both the yes and the no
loving others as they are
and myself
finally experiencing courage
as my ears turn red
but it is the beginning, not the end
famous, beautiful people
forgetting the vanities of earth
going back to what is inside
that is precious
apple bananas!
and the free smile
the tree that mirrors love
the song of the bird in the dead tree
the fear that doesn't win
the strength that comes from inside
when truth is honored
trusting for no reason
letting go of beliefs
in such a gentle way
in a finite body
such endless dreams
one night at a time
for pleasure, for love
to know who I am
the dream knows