white mountains covered with snow and ice
  in July
a thunderstorm in the high open mountains
  beautiful and terrifying
a blackbird with a white stripe around its neck
  waiting for me to take its picture
so many flowers of so many kinds
waterfalls and snow and cows and glaciers
  excitement, fear, and wonder
meeting many friendly people
  bit by a few unfriendly ants
did I really conquer my fear
  or just forget it for a while?
feeling closer to the creator and the creation
  letting my steps go where they will
loud waterfalls keep talking to me
  I wish I knew what they say
that being is all that there is
  being alive is wonderful
that my thoughts and words may be beautiful
  but actions count more
that gravity pulls us all in the same direction
  sometimes more helpful, others less
and the wind and the sun and the clouds
  the songs of the birds
  the whistles of the marmots
and this one steep meadow I cannot forget
  so much space beneath
  so much above
a little peak I could celebrate
so much incredible sun
  so much water to drink
so many bugs
  some I killed
the everyday love of those I care for
  a castle on a hill
a little red train in the mountains
  thank you!