the secret

it is not a secret
the secret to being happy
is to be happy
every life has good and bad
when I can
I focus on the good
on changing the bad
on living the good
there is 10% unemployment
and that is terrible
there is 90% employment
and that is wonderful!
there are many starving children
and that is awful
there are many more that are healthy and happy
and that is a miracle
the news have a headline every day
but not every day has headline news
so I change what I can
focus on what I love and what I have
and when I can
I choose to focus on the positive
and on today
and that helps me be happy
as I dive into the divine business of living
how amazing it is, just to be alive!
my heart pumping
air entering my lungs
friends and loved ones
today I love myself
as best I can
and because of that
I can love others!