Loving my shadow

coming out of my nightmare
where my shadow wants to torture and kill
me and others
and looking him in the eye
and saying honestly  I love him
because he doesn't want to torture and kill
just make me scared and worried and anxious
and love is the only weapon I have
love and paying attention to my life
being willing and happy to live
exactly as I am
and loving myself
exactly as I am
with that beautiful energy
that comes from being present to my life
loving my will
being free to love
accepting the consequences
and the most wonderful part
being present to myself
light and shadow
self-love and self-hate
wanting to please myself
wanting to make myself uncomfortable
and with a loving universe as my guide
loving my shadow
loving my inner child
being grateful for the nightmares that give him a voice
because he is so full of beauty
so in touch with my feelings
so willing to take me where I need to go
dragging my feet every step of the way
on the long road to inner health and peace
free to love myself
the hardest battle of all
and the most worthwhile
so I can sleep in peace
even when things don't go my way