The beautiful emptyness
full of peace
full of promise
covered in these words
no longer empty
no longer a promise
but a reality
not the future
already the past
still peaceful sometimes
arousing others
the freedom to create
the new past
each opportunity
only comes once
but may come again
except it won't be
this same instant
being filled with the now
how life flows
and fills
with moments like this
empty and gone
filled and gone
but gone
whether asleep or awake
learning or playing
or loving
every moment is here
every moment is gone
except for one
the latest one
always changing
always here
the same but different
and I am not in charge
I can turn the wheel
the road is what it is
lying on my back
on a bicycle
a car or a plane
or a boat
still traveling
in that endless moment
that source of everything
filling the blank page
providing a new page
here and gone