Water swirling
now the surge
now the ebb
That rock that's underwater
was bare 10 minutes ago
surrounded by sand
the slow motion power of the ocean
the earth shivering
rock slipping on rock
caused a wave
a hundred waves
sometimes destructive
we have all seen the pictures
I was lucky
we were lucky
we missed out on the drama
our friends texted us in the middle of the night
we were reminded
of the love that surrounds us
night and day
so much love
I had to turn off my phone so I could sleep
so much love
this one time
I had to use the word
I had to tell you
how much I love you
how happy I am you are here
because we are people
we have no choice
we will love
like the and looks for food
we love and are loved
my heart is open
and that is a miracle
because I could be hiding
I have the courage to stand on a stage
and the pleasure to remind you
how beautiful it is
to let myself love
to let myself be loved
on this extraordinary day
these ordinary feelings
remind me how special you are!
hearts beating together
joyful friendships
    creating love