Jupiter and Venus, again and always

  making love with
  as he has
  so many times before
  in his usual
  unhurried fashion
  knowing he will move on
How does she feel?
  is she in love
  with the powerful king of the gods?
  does she admire
    his strength
    his size
    his brilliant voice?
  is she just
  happy to have
  one more admirer?
  is she lonely
  in her shiny place in heaven?
Just lights in the sky
for us planet-bound
they are not even close
they only seem close
from our point of view
but love is in my mind
and masterful Jupiter
and beautiful Venus
coming together
by the laws of gravity
but seemingly by
inescapable love
by the joy of togetherness
recognizing each other's
  beauty and strength
loving and passing
more predictably than we do
and now they are
  below the horizon
all I can see now
are Mars and the moon
in heaven together
but not close
shyly winking at each other
in the astronomical dance
that reminds me so much
of this human dance
winking at each other
smiles and words
joy in the heart
at coming together
sadness then
at being apart