Kiribati Line Islands

So many people
on these small islands
I met and talked with
flat islands
wide open views
coconut forests
beautiful pisonia
curious sooty terns
great fanning lagoon
rowing across
sunshine and coconuts
breadfruit and taro
so much sea between
so many fish
so few people
on these big islands
no mountains ever
only the endless sea
around these islands
sunshine and rain

sailing ship Kwai
bringing together
copra and rice
sugar and electronics
tourists and researchers
government workers
ordinary people
smokers and ministers
gentle and not
traveling on Kwai
to see, to plan
to make decisions
small anchorages
fishing lines
beautiful sails
pilot whales
breakers at Teraina
ever onward

Christmas island
a great C shape
with a tail like a Q
London, Paris
Poland, Banana
so many people
interested in business
dancing and schooling
pigs and chickens
making babies
sun and ironwoods
beaches and reefs
a beautiful lagoon
special blue color
big fish by the ship
small fish
dolphin mother and baby
coconut wine

Fanning island
a ring around
a shining lagoon
sailing outriggers
solar and wind
aluminum ferry
handmade hotel
so many farmers
clams and seaweed
friendly children
sweet beaches
nice surf
manta ray
native and not
stranded cruisers
small anchorage
beautiful sunlight
beautiful rain
amazing sunsets

Washington Island
pilot whales
freshwater lakes
beautiful forests
all the way around
flat island
full of trees
friendly people
difficult landing
how can people
live here
so far from the world
yet people
live here
so far from the world
real people
friendly people
happy people
and so many birds too
friendly birds
friendly trees
and more coconuts
than can be sold

sweet fizzy
green coconut
easy snack
in the heat
hospitality unmatched
and always
never too far
the pounding surf
reminding us
we came over water
a long ways
from anywhere

happy pigs
with sunlight
and freedom
happy chickens
digging around
happy birds
curious about me
happy pilot whales
spending time with us
happy people
with lives
I don't understand
but can see
they know
their own way
on these small islands
no mountains
many coconuts
in a big ocean