Loving a Goddess

you felt so real in my arms
I felt your amazing strong spirit
but you are so much more than I can feel
keep surprising me in such lovely ways
today is the moment of bliss
how do you know, how can I know
the answers to your simple questions
why is beauty so simple in your words
and yet you felt so real in my arms
like the love in my heart
who are you?  and is the question really
who am I?
in this lovely moment
that has memories and future
but is neither memories nor future
just a tiny chance to be
with the birds heralding the dawn
lucky am I, just to be
to know you and to feel your beauty
loving with my heart
such a generous universe
with room for you and for me together
creating what has never been here
with our lives every day is new
and the ever-changing love is the same

you felt so real in my arms