ginger flowers

The overpowering scent of ginger flowers
the memory of you, now gone
I always thought well of you
visited out of choice, not guilt

you taught me to love the mountains
a gift I still enjoy
you gave me so much strength
in acceptance of what is

the sun will rise again
for me, likely, for you, no more
I have an unknown number of days
for you the number is known

you refused to look at yourself
kept your guarded secrets
I look at myself a lot
try to expose my secrets and yours

I am a different person
our faces looked alike
we both like wild vegetables
such different goals in life!

you are gone, why do I talk to you?
I am here, that's why
in inglese, in italiano, in tutte le lingue     (in English, in Italian, in all languages)
chi sei? chi sono? chi siamo?                   (who are you?  who am I?  who are we?)