voting for change

educated people
in Hawaii, California and Massachusetts
are wondering why the uneducated
in Alaska, Michigan and Florida
voted for a man so preposterous
so loud and lying and disrespectful
so amazingly honest
with what should stay hidden

the answer is clear
opening up the world
closed down factories
the rising tide
left some boats to flounder
in tremendous irony
the richest of all
won the trust of the poor
his adversary was not so pure
as Bernie learned too late

those forgotten, downtrodden
didn't want the pennies
of minimum wage
they want the glory of making
torpedoes be damned!
they picked the tycoon
over the speaker to Wall street
because he said
he cared about them
and above all
he promised change

a frying pan or a fire
they picked the fire
destructive, cleansing
a terrible man
famous glorious and charming
mean unfair attacking
four years in the white house
with no check or balance
surrounded we hope
by people better than he
each loving the country
in their own selfish way

change ahoy!
change it will be
for better or for worse
remains to be seen
though sad we may be
the deed is quite done
may the flounders do well
and the rest of us too
I am happy for one
the campaign is now done!