King Canute

Antarctica for Antarcticans!
came the battle cry
and the penguins came out in droves
to vote for the emperor of them all

they are stealing our ice
we will put a tax on their carbon
build a wall to keep out
the hot currents of the ocean

we will name conservationists
to our cabinet of elders
our supreme court of justice
will know how the Earth used to be

we will reverse the decades
of irreversible change
with the same old policies
that never worked before

finally the rebels respect us
they will no longer be mean
because finally now
we are meaner than they

we need to discriminate
black and white feathers are good
the ones doing the jobs we don't want
should go back to their nests

Antarctica for Antarcticans!
will you join my campaign
donate some ice and a pebble
I promise, your ice will come back.