Edoardo S. Biagioni

October 29, 2021: an interesting article about how people actually think about climate change: Heaven or High Water, by Sarah Miller.

August 14, 2021: an editorial from Arnold Schwarzenegger that's easy to agree with.

a summer 2021 project building a raspberry-pi cellphone that supports making and receiving phone calls.

Some pictures.

Call me Edo.

For New Year's 2006 I returned to the Na Pali coast of Kaua'i -- with a digital camera. Then again in Summer 2010.

A more professional web page.

A little poetry.

I occasionally contribute to wikipedia.

I have bought a sailboat. Here's a link to the NWS Hawaii Forecasts and the Unisys Hurricane page, and a link to Malama Kai's day-use buoys.

I have found a number of baobab trees in Honolulu.

I have walked the Honolulu Marathon a number of times: in 1998 (7 hours, 28 minutes), 1999 (7:44), 2002 (7:57), 2003 (7:40), 2004 (7:34), 2005 (7:34), 2008 (8:20), 2009 (7:53), 2010 (8:00), 2011 (8:11), 2015 (9:01), 2016 (8:42), 2017 (8:33), 2018 (9:02), 2019 (8:09), and 2021 (8:27), 2022 (8:00), and 2022 (8:11).

My humor page. Also, and wise rather than humorous, a list of Everything you need to know about money from Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert (about halfway down the page). And while we're at it, something about the usability of passwords.

Other stuff: A trip to the Na Pali coast of Kaua'i, A trip to Kaena Point, pictures (mostly of fish) from Hanauma Bay and Molokini, and links to the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club, Sierra Club, and the Chaminade Hiking webssite.

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