Baobab near the Art building on the campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa

This may be the largest baobab I have found in Honolulu, though I think the one at Foster Botanical Garden is larger. The center picture has a few people at the lower right, for scale. This baobab is almost a part of the building. It makes me wonder what came first -- the art building or the baobab.

2015 update: I am told the tree was there first, and in fact is the oldest tree on campus. Before the art building, this tree shaded Gilmore Hall, built in 1935 and demolished in 1973.

probably the largest of all these baobabs
from above
for scale, see the people at the lower right
see the people?
almost part of the building
from below
For some reason, the label for this baobab includes the common name "dead rat tree". It is easy to believe the name comes from the fallen fruits' resemblance to dead rats. I once had a nice kitty give me a dead rat as a present, and there is some similarity.
dead rat tree?
dead rat tree
yes, it does look like a dead rat
For those of you into geocaching, this baobab lives near N21 17.964', W157 49.079'.

For those into interesting trees, UH has many interesting plants and trees, though it helps to have a knowledgeable guide. This is the only baobab I've spotted on the campus (so far).